Bruce Tiffney


Office Location

Webb 1120


Angiosperm Paleo- and Neocarpology, Angiosperm Paleobiogeography, Paleobiology and Evolution of Land Plants, Plant-Animal Interactions in the Fossil Record


I address the evolutionary biology and systematics of land plants through the study of their morphology, anatomy and biogeographic distribution in the fossil record. My particular area of specialization is the evolution of angiosperms as discerned by their fossil fruits and seeds. I have worked with fossils from northern Africa, eastern North America, and most recently, from the auriferous gravels of California.  Comparative study of these fossils, coupled with previously published material, allows the reconstruction of patterns of evolution within lineages. Additionally, study of the historical distribution of lineages, coupled with changes in climate and continental positions, permits the creation and testing of hypotheses of the biogeographic origin of the modern flora of the Northern Hemisphere. Other areas of research interest include the patterns and presumed mechanisms influencing the diversification of land plants, and the interaction of land plants and vertebrate herbivores and dispersal agents through time.