Undergraduate Degrees


The Earth Science undergraduate program offers a B.A., five B.S. degrees (five major emphases), a minor, and a five-year Bachelor/Masters degree.

Major Requirements

Major requirement sheets are available via the UCSB Registrar's Office. Students who declare the major are responsible for satisfying the major requirements in effect at the time of their declaration.


Pre-Earth Science Major

To be admitted to full major status, students must fulfill the pre-Earth Science course and grade-point average requirements as described in the General Catalog.  At minimum, they must complete 5 designated courses from the pre-Earth Science major with a 2.3 or higher grade-point average.

(Requirements - PDF)


Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with Geology Emphasis

This is our primary major, it focuses on general geology and has an optional concentration in Engineering Geology.

(Requirements - PDF)


Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with Climate and Environment Emphasis

This major employs an integrated view of the earth as a dynamically linked system. Students take traditional geology courses while pursuing coursework in related disciplines, such as ocean, atmospheric, and earth-surface processes.

(Requirements - PDF)


Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with Geohydrology Emphasis

Study of the movement of water through geologic material and the resulting interactions with a focus on earth surface processes.

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Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with Paleobiology Emphasis

Paleobiology is the study of fossils as evidence for the patterns and processes of evolution over geological time. The paleobiologist seeks to understand the geological context in which a fossil is found and to interpret the biology of the fossil from a sound knowledge of living organisms.

(Requirements - PDF)


Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with Geophysics Emphasis

This major focuses on a quantitative and physical interpretation of Earth processes. Students in Geophysics take more courses in math and physics and fewer courses in earth materials and geologic field methods than do students in Geological Sciences.

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Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science

The B.A. degree requires more general education courses and fewer upper-division Geology courses than does the B.S. This major is appropriate for students pursuing a double major.

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Minor in Earth Science

The requirements for the minor are flexible, and we strongly suggest that students meet with the undergraduate assistant before planning their courses. This minor responds to a growing interest in geoscience, and the increasing importance of geoscience to political and social issues.

(Requirements - PDF)


Five-Year Bachelors/Masters Program in Earth Science 

The Department of Earth Science at UCSB offers a Five-Year BS/MS degree program in Earth Science. The programs enable excellent undergraduates to obtain a Masters degree in a time-efficient manner.  Additional information is available on Graduate Division's Five Year Degree Programs website.  If you are interested or would like to inquire about the Five-year Bachelors/Masters Program, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant