Our department is committed to advancing the adoption of policies that create a welcoming and inclusive working environment for all students, faculty, and staff. For more details, see here.

We conduct research across the globe, from the tallest peaks of the Himalaya, to the vastness of Antarctica, to the unexplored depths of the ocean floor.

World Class Research
& Education

Our graduate and undergraduate students participate directly in the excitement of exploring terra incognita. Taught by a distinguished and dedicated faculty (including several members of the National Academy of Sciences, and winners of the UCSB Distinguished Teaching Award), students discover the unfolding planetary drama of which they are part.

Earth Science Education

Earth Science Distinguished Alumni

The Department honors two distinguished alumni annually. By celebrating their accomplishments, we provide current students exemplary role models.

Earth Science Distinguished Alumni

Earth Science News

Professor Emerita Tanya Atwater has received the Geological Society of London's highest honor, the Wollaston Medal. 

John Cottle elected a Mineralogial
Society of America Fellow.

Professor Emeritus Art Sylvester’s 1988 paper “Strike-slip faults” was
selected in June 2021 as one of 48 “Must-Read” papers.

Kristin Morell has been awarded the NSF's most
prestigious award for early-career faculty.

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Earth Science’s graduate program trains students for
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and scholars.

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