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Many thanks for agreeing to visit and present a seminar to our department. In the age of fast electronic communication, the chance to hear peer scientists explain their work in person remains an essential part of our educational mission.  Below you will find information to help you plan your visit.


Our regularly scheduled seminars are held from 2:00-3:00 p.m. on Thursdays.  If you arrive before noon, a faculty member or group of graduate students will take you to lunch. Also during your visit we hope you can spend part of Friday and possibly part of Thursday in the department.  Typically we try to arrange a full schedule of meetings with research groups, classes, students, and individual faculty, and sometimes even additional informal talks.  And, if there’s anyone or anything you’d like to see at UCSB or in Santa Barbara area please let us know.  You’ll have a faculty member or graduate student who’s your host and they’ll work with you on the details of your schedule and logistics while in town.


"Your audience will usually consist of ~75 people, including Earth Science faculty, technical staff, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate. Members of the public occasionally attend, but this is considered an intradepartmental technical seminar. That said, because of the diverse range of interests and experience levels of the audience, we recommend that you keep your talk relatively broad and accessible.”

Nature of talk

"We view our seminar series as a very important mechanism for broadening the education of our students and keeping everyone up-to-date.  We encourage you to present difficult and challenging ideas in your field. That said, please take a little time to put your work into context because our department is broad in its interests, ranging from tectonics to ecology. The good news is that at least some people in the audience will know what you’re talking about but, on the flip side, others might need a little help. We recommend aiming to speak for 45 minutes, in order to allow plenty of time for questions.”


The classroom is equipped with a single projector using a VGA connection that will work with both Mac and PC systems.  If you have the need for specific software, need to borrow a department laptop or adapters, please contact Peter Green our department IT technician.  Let us know what your needs are before you arrive so that we can have things ready for your presentation.


We’ll arrange lodging and make sure you’re well-fed and watered during your visit.   Please make your own travel arrangements and hold onto your receipts.  While you are here, be sure to stop by our department office and meet with Yann Ricard, our Graduate Program Coordinator or Jaima Ortega, our Office Manager; one of them can take care of any expenses you’ve incurred while traveling. You may see start your reimbursement worksheet here.

Getting here

If you are driving, here are directions to campus, and here is a map. We are in Webb Hall (F11 on map), unfortunately we don’t have parking in our area. The closest parking lots are lots 16 and 18 (D10 on map). If you let us know in advance we can arrange for and even mail you a one-day parking pass. 


If you have any special needs, please let us know.