Andrew Kylander-Clark

Senior Development Engineer

Office Hours

Monday through Friday 8:00-5:00PM

Office Location

MSRB 1008


University of California, Santa Barbara

PhD., Geological Science, 3/2008

Thesis: Slow subduction and exhumation of a thick ultrahigh-pressure terrane: Western Gneiss Region, Norway

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

M.S., Geology, 12/2003

Thesis: Correlation of Golden Bear dike and Coso dike set in Owens Valley

Humboldt State University

Post baccalaureate studies in geology, 8/2000 – 7/2001

University of California, San Diego

B.S., Engineering Science, 3/1997.


Work Experience

University of California, Santa Barbara, 9/2008 – current

Senior Development Engineer: Responsible for installation, operation, and maintenance of LA-ICPMS laboratory in the Earth Science department. Laboratory consists of a Photon Machines 200 nm fs laser, a Photon Machines 198 nm excimer laser, a Nu Instruments AttoM single-collector ICPMS, and a Nu Instruments Plasma multi-collector ICPMS. Duties include sample analysis, data reduction, isotopic standards development and preparation, research support for collaborating scientists and students, and data publication. For more information, see

University of California, Santa Barbara, 3/2004 – 12/2008

Associate Instructor: Physical Geology and Optical Mineralogy: Developed and taught lectures and labs.

Teaching Assistant: Field geology: worked with students to create geologic maps and reports. Gave lectures and graded maps and reports. Metamorphic petrology: gave lectures and led laboratory assignments so that students could identify and understand metamorphic processes. Geochronology and isotope tracers: led discussions and graded homework and tests to improve student grasp of isotope geochemistry and dating techniques. Earth Materials: taught students to identify rocks and the processes by which they were formed.

University of California, Santa Barbara, 9/2003 – 9/2008

 Research Assistant/Postdoctoral Researcher: Tectonics of continental collisions. Field work included sample collection, structural and textural data collection. Laboratory work: sample preparation, petrography, mineral analysis (electron microprobe, electron microscope, LA-MC-ICPMS), U-Pb (zircon, titanite, rutile), Lu-Hf, and Sm-Nd (garnet-clinopyroxene-whole-rock) dating and whole-rock isotopic analysis (TIMS, MC-ICPMS).

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 8/2001 – 12/2001, 1/2003 – 5/2003

Teaching Assistant: Taught two or three introductory geology laboratories per semester, meeting three hours per week, and covering a broad variety of introductory topics. Duties consisted of lecturing, grading and holding office hours.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1/2002 – 1/2003

Research Assistant: Worked on Coso region fault kinematics project. Field work included mapping, sample collection, data collection. Laboratory work: sample preparation, petrography, U-Pb dating and Sr and Nd isotopic analysis (TIMS).

Lucent Technologies, Holmdel, New Jersey, 10/1998 – 7/2000

Optical Networking Engineer: Planning and implementation of worldwide optical networks.


NSF Grant EAR-1219942 (Co-PI), 2012—2015, $329,701, What Determines Whether the Deep Continental Crust Flows?

NSF Grant EAR-0911416 (Co-PI), 2007—2012, $391,382, The Dynamics of UHP Tectonism: Does the Western Gneiss Region Consist of Multiple (U)HP Blocks with Different Histories?

Lloyd and Mary Edwards Field Studies Fellowship,Spring 2007

UCSB dissertation writing fellowship,Winter 2006

Geological Society of America student research grant, 2005, Research in Lu-Hf geochronology. Honors: outstanding written proposal.

UCSB graduate fellowship, Fall 2004

Tunnell award (graduate fellowship), Winter 2004, Outstanding research in petrology.


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