Phil Gans


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Webb 1034


Structural Geology, Regional Geology and Tectonics, Argon Geochronology


Interests lie in structural geology and tectonics and are focused on deformational and thermal processes within continental lithosphere. Research is mainly in the field of Extensional Tectonics and is focused on exactly how continents rift and the relationship between extension and magmatism.


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Papers Submitted

Mortimer, N., Gans, P., Foley, F., Turner, M., Daczko, N., Robertson, M., Turnbull, I., Solander Volcano, Fiordland, New Zealand: Geology, Age and Hydrothermal Alteration.

Walsh, E. O.. Hacker, B. R., Gans, P. B., Wong, M. S., and Anderson, T. B. Crustal exhumation of the Western Gneiss Region UHP Terrane, Norway: 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronology and Fault-Slip Analysis


In Press

Alvarado, G. E. and Gans, P. B., 2012 (in press), Geochronological synthesis of magmatism, metamorphism, and metallogeny of Costa Rica, Central America.  Revista Geologica de America Central, v 46, 116 pp  116

Miller, E. L. and Gans, P. B., in press, Geologic map of the Wheeler Peak and Minerva quadrangles.  U. S. Geological Survey Open File Report.  (62 pp report + 10 figures + map 2 cross sections)



Mortimer, N., Gans, P.B., Hauff, F., and Barker, D.H.N. , 2012, Paleocene MORB and OIB from the Resolution Ridge, Tasman Sea.   Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 59, 953-964


Shockey, B. J., Flynn, J. F., Croft, D. C., Gans, P. B., Wyss, A. R., 2012, New leontiniid Notoungulata (Mammalia) from Chile and Argentina: comparative anatomy, character analysis, and phylogenetic hypotheses.  American Museum Novitates, 3737, 64 pp.



Hacker, B. R., Kelemen, P. B., Rioux, M., McWilliams, M. O., Gans, P. B., Reiners, P. W., Layer, P.W.Soderlund, U., Vervoort, J. D. (2011). Thermochronology of the Talkeetna intraoceanic arc of Alaska; Ar/Ar, U-Th/He, Sm/Nd, and Lu/Hf dating.  Tectonics, 30(1)

Young, D. J., Hacker, B. R., Andersen, T. B., & Gans, P. B. (2011). Structure and 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of an ultrahigh-pressure transition in western Norway.  Journal of the Geological Society of London, 168(4), 887-898.


Mortimer, N., Gans, P. B., Palin, J. M., Meffre, S., Herzer, R. H., & Skinner, D. N. B. (2010). Location and migration of Miocene-Quaternary volcanic arcs in the SW Pacific region.   Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 190(1-2), 1-10.

Faulds, J. E., Price, L. M., Snee, L. W., & Gans, P. B. (2010). A chronicle of Miocene extension near the Colorado Plateau-Basin and Range boundary, southern White Hills, northwestern Arizona; paleogeographic and tectonic implications.  Special Paper - Geological Society of America, 463, 87-119

Wong, M. S., P. B. Gans, and J. Scheier (2010), The 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of core complexes and other basement rocks in Sonora, Mexico: Implications for Cenozoic tectonic evolution of northwestern Mexico, J. Geophys. Res., 115, 31 p



Walker, R. T., Gans, P., Allen, M. B., Jackson, J., Khatib, M., Marsh, N., & Zarrinkoub, M. (2009). Late Cenozoic volcanism and rates of active faulting in eastern Iran.  Geophysical Journal International, 177(2), 783-805.

Till, C. B., Gans, P. B., Spera, F. J., MacMillan, I., & Blair, K. D. (2009). Perils of petrotectonic modeling; a view from southern Sonora, Mexico.  Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 186(3-4), 160-168.

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Hacker, B. R., Wallis, S. R., McWilliams, M. O., & Gans, P. B. (2009). 40Ar/39Ar constraints on the tectonic history and architecture of the ultrahigh-pressure Sulu orogen.  Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 27(9), 827-844. 



Busby, C.J., Hagan, J., Putirka, K., Pluhar, C., Gans, Wagner, D., P., Rood, D., DeOreo, S., and Skilling, I., (2008). The ancestral Cascades arc; Cenozoic evolution of the central Sierra Nevada (California) and the birth of the new plate boundary.  Geological Society of America Bulletin, 120(3-4), 274-299.

Singleton, J. S., & Gans, P. B. (2008). Structural and stratigraphic evolution of the Calico Mountains; implications for early Miocene extension and neogene transpression in the central Mojave Desert, California.  Geosphere, 4(3), 459-479.

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Wong, M. S., and Gans, P. B., 2008, “Geologic, structural, and thermochronologic constraints on the tectonic evolution of the Sierra Mazatan core complex, Sonora, Mexico; new insights into metamorphic core complex formation.”   Tectonics, 27(4), 31.


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