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Volcano geophysics, Volcano seismology, Volcano acoustics, Infrasound, Seismo-acoustics



I use seismic and infrasound waves to understand how volcanoes work. Infrasound is atmospheric sound with frequencies below 20 Hz (20 Hz is the lower frequency limit of human hearing). With seismology, I study magmatic, hydrothermal, and faulting processes occurring within and around volcanoes. With infrasound, I study the mechanisms and dynamics of explosive eruptions and shallow volcanic degassing. This work is focused on understanding the geophysical signatures of volcanic unrest and eruption, with application in monitoring and mitigating volcanic hazards. More generally, I am interested in all aspects of infrasound and seismo-acoustic research, including numerous natural and man-made sources as well as infrasound propagation through the atmosphere. 


Last updated December 2022

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Last updated December 2022

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Last updated December 2022


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