Graduate Financial Support

The most competitive applicants admitted will receive financial support from the Department. Departmental financial support is packaged as a combination of teaching assistantship, research assistantship and/or fellowship. Teaching Assistantships for 2017/2018 include a salary of ~$20,700 for the nine-month academic year (20 hours of work per week). Teaching Assistant appointments of 25% or more include Graduate Student Health Insurance and partial payment of quarterly fees and tuition. The California Resident fees for 2017-2018 are $4,523 (tuition, student service and campus-based fees) and $1,108 (health insurance fee) per quarter. The 2017-18 fees for students who are not residents of the state of California are $4,523 (tuition and campus-based fees), $1,108 (health insurance fee), and $5,034.00 (non-resident supplemental tuition) per quarter.

UCSB has a limited number of campus based fellowships in which the department can nominate you for. To be considered for campus fellowship support, we must receive your completed application by January 3rd. Fellowships are highly competitive and based on general evaluations of your academic record, Graduate Record Exam scores and letters of recommendation.

Research Assistantships are funded under existing research grants to faculty members. These positions are usually occupied by senior graduate students who are conducting thesis/dissertation research. Awards to entering students are pre-negotiated directly between the student and a faculty sponsor. You should consider applying for need-based financial aid through the Office of Financial Aid (2103 SAASB,893-2432). For US citizens and permanent legal residents, the application deadline for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is March 2nd. every year (please visit the FAFSA website for current information).

In addition, the Department awards various fellowships and prizes to current graduate students at their end-of-the-year Department Awards Ceremony. The faculty nominates the graduate students for the awards, while the awards committee selects the award recipients.  Below is a list of a handful of the awards that the department grants.  For a complete list, see the "Graduate Awards" page.

Grad Award Recipients ~ Awards Ceremony 2012

Alumni Graduate Award for Research Excellence:

for outstanding research in any field.

Graduate Research:

awarded on the basis of competitive proposal evaluation.

Preston Cloud Memorial Award:

assistance to attend annual national or other major meetings.

G.K. Gilbert Award:

for best paper on original research (usually in a department forum).

Harry Glicken Award:

given for best Ph.D. research in volcanology or fields related to volcanic processes.

The Richard and Eleanor Migues Field Research Prize:

for outstanding research involving field studies.

George Tunell Endowed Fellowship:

for research in the field of economic geology.

Wendell Phillips Woodring Memorial Graduate Fellowship:

Ph.D. research in any field of the solid Earth Sciences, with a preference to biogeology.

UCSB's Graduate Division maintains a financial support page which may be able to assist you in locating sources of funding both inside and outside UCSB.