Giving Opportunities

Giving Opportunities

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A New Earth Science Fund: Earth Science Distinguished Lecturer Fund

Supports the invitiation of colloquium speakers of excellence each year to give a keynote lecture to the Department of Earth Science undergraduates, graduate students and faculty. Speakers are selected for their exemplary science, inspirational communication and contributions to diversity in the Earth Sciences. 

General Purpose
-    Use my donation where most needed *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Field Instruction Fund...for general student and program support *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Distinguished Lecturer Fund *checks to UCSB Foundation

Graduate Program
-    Richard V. Fisher Scholarship for Volcanology
-    Preston Cloud Memorial assist graduates in attending professional meetings
-    Geophysics an outstanding student in any field of geophysics
-    G. K. the best graduate student presentation *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Harry Glicken a superior graduate student in volcanology *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Graduate Student Opportunity Award *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    George Tunell a superior graduate student
-    Graduate Student Opportunity Award  *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Wendell Woodring a superior student in paleobiology
-    Global Field Travel Fund *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Peggie Dearth Wormington Field Studies Award *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Hopson-Wise Field Research Award *checks to UCSB Foundation

Undergraduate Program
-    Alec and Claudia Webster Fund for Field Studies *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    William Bushnell assist students with summer field *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Robert Norris Brunton Award...for the best students in introductory field classes
-    Outstanding Senior Award...for the best one or two seniors
-    Robert W. Webb Fund...for general student assistance
-    Douglas Woodhouse Award ...for outstanding undergraduate achievement
-    Arthur G. Sylvester Summer Field reduce the cost of summer field geology for all students
-    Peggie Dearth Wormington Field Studies Award *checks to UCSB Foundation