Giving Opportunities

Giving Opportunities

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A New Earth Science Endowment: Alec and Claudia Webster Fund for Field Studies

This endowment has been established through a generous gift from Alec and Claudia (’75) Webster to honor their strong relationship with UCSB, their connection to the Earth Science department, and the mentorship of faculty who taught them in the field in the 1970s. This fund’s purpose is to promote the engagement of Earth Science students in field work and the associated development of strong intellectual and communication skills. The Webster’s goal is to foster new leaders with people-oriented critical thinking skills, an environmental consciousness, and interest in teaching, policy, advocacy, and field studies that foster human understanding and responsible development. This new endowment is now open for contributions from alumni, friends, and faculty.

A New Earth Science Award: The Graduate Student Opportunity Award

Emeriti Professors Rachel Haymon and Ken Macdonald have catalyzed this new award which is intended to support the graduate program in Earth Science (including students in the Graduate Program in Marine Science whose home department is Earth Science). The award’s goals are to strengthen the graduate program and create opportunities for our brightest students to learn from internationally renowned experts in the field, enhance the prestige of the University, and maintain the meaningful and positive connection between the family of Ken Macdonald and Rachel Haymon with the UCSB campus. This new award is now open for contributions from alumni, friends, and faculty.

General Purpose
-    Use my donation where most needed
-    Field Instruction Fund...for general student and program support

Graduate Program
-    Richard V. Fisher Scholarship for Volcanology
-    Preston Cloud Memorial assist graduates in attending professional meetings
-    Geophysics an outstanding student in any field of geophysics
-    G. K. the best graduate student presentation *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Harry Glicken a superior graduate student in volcanology *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Graduate Program Fund...for general program support
-    George Tunell a superior graduate student
-    Graduate Student Opportunity Award  *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Wendell Woodring a superior student in paleobiology

Undergraduate Program
-    Alec and Claudia Webster Fund for Field Studies *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    William Bushnell assist students with summer field *checks to UCSB Foundation
-    Robert Norris Brunton Award...for the best students in introductory field classes
-    Outstanding Senior Award...for the best one or two seniors
-    Robert W. Webb Fund...for general student assistance
-    Douglas Woodhouse Award ...for outstanding undergraduate achievement
-    Arthur G. Sylvester Summer Field reduce the cost of summer field geology for all students