Emerita Tanya Atwater Receives Wollaston Medal

Professor Emerita Tanya Atwater has received the Geological Society of London's highest honor, the Wollaston Medal. 

From the Geological Society's press release: The Medal is presented to geologists whose research has had a substantial impact on pure or applied aspects of geology. Atwater said, “I am pleased and flattered to receive this prestigious award.  Thank you for this honour”. Atwater’s work has been transformative to global tectonic theory showing how the fabric of the ocean floor can be used to elucidate the history of geological features on land such as the San Andreas Fault, the Cascadia volcanic arc and the Transverse Range. She said, “I never get over the excitement and fun life I got to lead, being out in the field in the world’s most beautiful places, with such a great collection of passionate international colleagues, and getting to call it ‘work’.”

Full press release

Link to Tanya's Wollaston Medal Talk