Department Colloquium Schedule

Thursdays 2:00 PM

Spring 2024

May 30

Nick McKay
Northern Arizona University

May 23

No Colloquium

May 1

Natalya Evans
UC Santa Barbara


May 9

Hailie Kittner
UC Santa Barbara
Elizabeth Horton
UC Santa Barbara


May 2

Chris Everett
UC Santa Barbara

Sunna Harðardottir
UC Santa Barbara


April 25

Scott Wing
Smithsonian Institution


April 18

Sediment-wave interactions
and their implications for sea level on the central California coast: a Late Quaternary perspective
Elisa Medri
UC Santa Barbara

April 11

Methane cycling and methylotrophic 
activity within a California coastal wetland
Sebastian Krause
UC Santa Barbara

April 4

Decarbonizing cement
using calcium from silicate rocks
Jeff Prancevic

Winter 2024


March 14

Past Climates Inform our Future
Jessica Tierney
University of Arizona

March 7

Forging Signatures: 
Climate’s Limited Role 
in Shaping Mountains
Jane Willenbring
Stanford University

February 29

What can low-frequency earthquakes tell us 
about the boundaries between tectonic plates?
William Frank

February 22

Santa Paula Creek Fecal Indicator Bacteria Source Identification Water Quality Study
Menso deJong
Rincon Consultants

February 15

New Images of the Radially Anisotropic 
Uppermost Mantle Beneath the Continental U.S.
Anant Hariharan
UC Santa Barbara

February 8

Opportunities for Earth Scientists
and Engineers in the Ocean Environment (It’s Booming!)
Ed Saade
EJS Solutions LLC

February 1

3D relationship between structure, fluid-flow, and slope failure within the Santa Barbara Basin
Jared Kluesner

January 25

Earth’s accretion and early differentiation
as seen by noble gas isotopes
Rita Parai
Washington University in Saint Louis

January 18

Calcium isotope fractionation during continental weathering
Utpalendu Haldar
Indian Institute of Sciences

January 11

The Energy Transition, the Minerals Industry 
and Climate Change Mitigation; an unlikely relationship?
Simon Jovitt
University of Nevada Reno

Fall 2023

December 7

Testing the recipe for continental crust using petrology, field geology and geochemistry of mafic plutons
Juliet Ryan-Davis

November 30

Bridging the Gap Between Deep Crustal Tectonics
and Hinterland Landscapes
in the Himalayan Orogenic Wedge
Suoya Fan
Department of Earth Science 
UC Santa Barbara

November 16

High-resolution mapping of earthquake
and landslide history offshore southern California
Jillian Maloney
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences 
San Diego State University

November 9

Distinguished Alumni Awards
Gretchen Mullendore
Microscale Meteorology Laboratory 
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Javier Santillan
Failure Analysis Strategic Initiatives Group 
Apple, Inc.

November 2

Earth’s super continental
climate control
Mark Jellinek
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
University of British Columbia

October 26

Slab-mantle interactions 
pace forearc rock uplift 
during subduction retreat
Nikki Seymour
Department of Geology
Occidental College

October 19

Global 3D model of mantle attenuation
using seismic normal modes and surface waves
Sujania Talavera-Soza
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
UC San Diego

October 5

Fault creep: 
what is it, how do we find it, 
and what does it mean?
Gareth Funning
Earth and Planetary Sciences
UC Riverside

September 28

Mountain high, valley low, river wide: 
biogeochemical insights into the relationship between weathering and climate
Preston Kemeny
Department of Geophysical Sciences
University of Chicago


Spring 2023

June 1

Precession Pacing of
Late Pleistocene Glacial Terminations
Bets Hobart
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara
Ocean Sediment Core Age Models, Stacks, and δ18O Lags
Devin Rand
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara

May 25

Barium isotopes in ocean island basalts
as tracers of mantle processes
Ruixia (Rita) Bai
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara
No Ice Ages During a Snowball:
Onset and Timescales of Marinoan Glaciomarine Sedimentation
Adrian Tasistro-Hart
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara

May 18

What mantle plumes
tell us about the Earth
Catherine Chauvel
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

May 11

Organic matter sulfurization and pyrite formation 
as pathways of enhanced carbon storage in blue carbon ecosystems
Lena Capece
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara
Carbonatite metasomatism in 
Tanzanian cratonic peridotites
Lindsay Buff
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara

May 4

Subsurface Analysis and Geologic History of Campus Lagoon, Santa Barbara, California
Ryan Owings
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara
Sounds of the Pacific: 
Infrasound Noise Generated by Crashing Surf
Jeremy Francoeur
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara

April 27

New insights into the Atlantic Meridional
Overturning Circulation instabilities 
during the last glacial cycle
Yuxin Zhou
Department of Earth Science
UC Santa Barbara

April 20

A Tale of Two Lakes: 
Chemical Stratification and Records of Life in Mesoproterozoic and Modern Times
Sarah P. Slotznick
Department of Earth Sciences
Dartmouth University

April 6

Subseafloor Hydrogeology: Moving Beyond Watersheds 
Alicia Wilson
School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment
University of South Carolina.



Winter 2023


January 12

Will AIs ever be one of us? 

Deborah Khider
Department of Earth Sciences


January 19


Dan Lathrop
Department of Physics
University of Maryland


January 26


Esteban Gazel
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Cornell University


February 2


Aaron Bufe
German Research Centre for Geosciences
Hemholtz Centre Postdam


February 9


Emily Cooperdock
Department of Earth Sciences


February 16


Alyssa Griffin
Earth and Planetary Sciences
UC Davis


February 23


Scott Johnson
Physics Department
Cal Poly


March 2

Faculty Recruitment Talk



March 9


Brehin Keller
Department of Earth Science
Dartmouth University