Douglas Burbank

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

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Webb 1051


Tectonic Geomorphology, Collisional Orogens, Sedimentation and Tectonics, Surface Processes


Research focuses on 

1) quantification of the interactions among climate, erosion, and tectonics in present-day orogenesis and landscape evolution; 

2) interactions of folds, faults, and depositional systems; 

3) evolution of collisional mountain belts; and 

4) kinematics of thrust faulting and continental transtension. 

Most projects combine extensive field observations with geochronology, analysis of digital topography, geodesy, and structural and stratigraphic analyses.



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Burbank, D.W., and Anderson, R.S., Fall 2011, Tectonic Geomorphology; 2nd edition: Wiley, 454 pp.

Burbank, D.W., and Anderson, R.S., 2001, Tectonic Geomorphology: Blackwell Scientific, Oxford, 274 pp. 


Research Papers and Book Chapters from 2011 to 2012


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EARTH 2          Principles of Physical Geology

EARTH 6          Mountains, Boots, and Backpacks: Field Study of the High Sierra

EARTH 104A    Field Studies in Geological Methods

EARTH 201A    Graduate Research and Field Seminar

EARTH 201B    Graduate Research Seminar

EARTH 217      Tectonic Geomorphology

EARTH 257      Advanced Stratigraphic and Geomorphic Field Methods

EARTH 270      Seminar in Geologic Problems

EARTH 280      Seminar in Field Geology