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Earth Science Field Trips

Calendar entries reflect course, type of vehicle and number of vehicles reserved for the course. For example "Earth 2: 12-Vans #4" means that four 12-vans have been reserved.

Make a reservation for a course-related field trip:

How to make a change to a course-related field trip

To make changes to your reservation, email:


Useful information

Transportation services rental vehicles rates for UCSB fleet. Please note that off-campus rentals are more expensive and need to go through transportation services as well.

Field Trip Forms

Field Trip Checklist

Confidential Medical Form

Non-Confidential Medical Form

Emergency Contact & Food Allergy

Field Trip Emergency Action Plan

Field Research Plan

Individual Waiver Forms (one per participant)
Waiver form (online DocuSign version for participants over 18 years of age)
Waiver form (online DocuSign version for participants under 18 years of age requiring parent signature)
Waiver form (paper version)

Group Waiver Form (multiple signatures)
Group Waiver form (paper version)


Driver Forms

Driver Contract: One for each driver!
Combined Driver Contract and UC Vehicle Attestation (online DocuSign version)
Combined Driver Contract and UC Vehicle Attestation (paper version)
Fill both sides, sign, and return to Jaima.

Vehicle Accident Report Form: Must have a hard copy of this Vehicle Accident Report form in the glove compartment of your vehicle.Don't drive out without this!
Vehicle Accident Report (pdf)

Some applicable UC policies include but are not limited to BUS-23, BUS-39, BUS-46, BUS-63, BUS-74, BUS-75, BUS-81, G-28.

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